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The Way Montserrat to Núria" (Other Paths) - Hiking Geographic Card
Un camí per fer i viure amb els cinc sentits. Una manera diferent de caminar
The three countrys - Bages, Berguedà i Ripollés
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Image: Author: Carlos Baijet Torrents
License of use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
The Way Montserrat to Núria"
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The "Amics of the Vall de Núria" we created the year a 2001 route of pilgrimage between the monastery of Montserrat and the sanctuary of Núria

Every year during the month of August we organized a new edition that it tries to present a part our territory, from a point of view not exclusively senderista, but also, discovering the art the culture and the history and traditions of the places through where we happened. 

The route passes by the regions of the Bages, overcoming rio Llobregat, Bergada by the mountain range of Picancel and the Ripollés, arriving at Núria by the valley of Ribes

Is a way simple, apt for all the public, without great unevennesses and very near the most outstanding populations of each region. 

Description - Author: Carlos Baijet Torrents
License of use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Editor for this card is Carlos Baijet Torrents  



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