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Revista - Álbum de fotos (Las imágenes de las excursiones de los lectores)
Everest base camp trek
EditorMadhav Nepal

“Everest Base Camp trek” has been hailed “The path to glory” by pros and amateurs alike. The beautiful route to the highest peak of the world has stood tall as a daunting task for centuries. It is one path that has challenged human ambition for years. Trails mingling with wonderful scenery and the coexistence of the natural and the human world lures thousands of tourists every year. The “Everest Base Camp” is known as one of the most challenging yet most rewarding and fulfilling treks ever. Visitors even call it the TREKKERS’ PARADISE.

From boarding the plane to Lukla until you reach Everest Base Camp, you will be overwhelmed by that which can never be compared to any other trekking route in the world. This trek comes with satisfaction guaranteed!

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