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Karhunkierros - Hiking in Oulanka National Park- Finland
EditorJuan Toribio Ibarguren
Karhunkierros or the Bear´s Ring is the most popular hiking trail in Oulaka National Park. In fact many of the more interesting attractions in the National Park are located along this path. Karhunkierros goes through different types of forests and follows the course of National Park great rivers, with important landmarks as the narrow Oulanka canyon, the amazing rapids and waterfalls of Taivalkongas, Jirava, Myllikoski and the elevations of Valtavaara and Rukatunturi.

Karhunkierros takes its name at the beginning of the last century from a circular road that beginning from Kuusamo city centre linked several villages. Travelling this route one could be sure that at least one bear would have been encircled by the wanderer. The second World War left part of the route on the Russian side and it was in 1954 that the Tourism board of Kuusamo set up this hiking trail and named it as it is known today.

Length: 82 km. Can be shorter if it walked with some variations or if sections are missed.

Starting point: The trail is not circular. Starting/ending points are Hautajarvi and Ruka villages.

Oulanka Visitor Centre and Juuma village are strating and ending points for partial trails.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Difficulty changes between different sections.

Facilities: Huts and shelters, campfire sites. Duckboards to go along the marshes. Eight hanging bridges and two Visitor Centres.

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Valtavaara hut
Jussinkampa - hut, fireplace and camp ground
Karhunkierros - gate
Taivalkongas - rapids


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