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Guies de Muntanya i Barrancs Ama Dablam - Ficha
Guies de Muntanya i Barrancs Ama Dablam
Nombre Sociedad
Esteve Carbonés
Empresa de Guías
Persona de Contacto
Esteve Carbonés Masramon
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Guías Ama Dablam es una empresa de deportes de aventura y al aire libre acreditada por la Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible (CETS)
Vall d`en Bas (La Garrotxa)
Hostalets d`en Bas
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España > Cataluña > Barcelona

Guies de Muntanya i Barrancs Ama Dablam - Presentación

Mountain and Canyoning Guides Ama Dablam is an outdoor adventure sports company accredited by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST), which offers activities such as canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, navigation courses, mountain safety, trekking, snowshoes, alpinism… amongst others.

We have activities for all tastes, levels and ages. It is possible to participate individually or as a group. The activities take place from Monday until Sunday all year round. We adapt to you. We try to make small groups and provide personal and professional treatment, so that you can truly enjoy the adventure. Activities of Team Building (companies), stag/hen parties, schools, etc. are also organized.

Most activities take place in Catalonia and the Pyrenees-Orientales, but we also organize trips to other places in Spain, Europe and the world.

We are Esteve and Raquel, both in love with every facet of mountain. We like to explore where we are and get to know the hidden corners, through canyoning, climbing, skiing, alpinism… or simply by Btt or hiking, amongst others. What we want is to learn about our surroundings and make a lifestyle out of a hobby. Since our childhood that we enjoy mountains and it has become our profession since 2008 (Esteve) and 2015 (Raquel). We go all over the Pyrenees, Alps, Atlas, Cordillera Blanca, Himalaya… all areas of the world in which canyoning, climbing and/or mountaineering are possible. Fundamentally, we work as canyoning guides mostly in Catalonia and the French Pyrenees, even though we also travel to other areas of the world such as Huesca (Spain), Switzerland, Madeira,… Moreover, we offer several via ferrata in Catalonia, French Pyrenees, Andorra and Aragon Pyrenees. We organize trekking all over the world: Catalonia, Nepal, Peru, Morocco, Patagonia… and our aim is to instil our mountain passion in you and that you experience it in the same way that we do: intensely and with minimal risk. Mountains are more than a job or an entertainment; they are a philosophy and a way of learning from life.

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