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Giroguies Senderisme - Fitxa
Giroguies Senderisme
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Ramon Rodriguez
N.I.F. / C.I.F. / Llicència
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Català Castellà Anglès
agenda d'activitats agenda d'activitats
Som un grup d`especialistes del senderisme, la muntanya i la geografia, amb una passió comú: viatjar caminant
c/ Ample, 126 baixos
Palafrugell - Girona
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Espanya > Catalunya > Girona

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Giroguies Senderisme - Presentació

More than 20 years ago we started ...

For many years we have moved around the world and that is why, thanks to our experience, we decided to make our knowledge and professionalism available to all those who want to know our land and other places in a different, more human, way.

We are a travel agency specialized in hiking, mountain, and geography, with a common passion: walking.

The basis of our offer is the personalized treatment, that's why we work with small groups. In addition to the guided or self-guided trekking programs and cycling routes, we offer mountain safety courses, orienteering courses, gimcanas ... or we personalize activities for organized groups.

Our offer is not only aimed at mountain experts, it is aimed at all those who want to participate. We adapt to your needs making trips so that you can fully enjoy this experience.

Mountaineers and mountain climbers, great mountain guides who know the Pyrenees, the Garrotxa and the Empordà. Lovers of travel. We organize experiences around the world so that you can discover new destinations, new paths and enjoy new horizons.

Asia (Nepal, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan)

Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco)

America (Patagonia, Peru)

Europe (Ireland, Armenia, Iceland, Madeira, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Slovakia, Catalonia, Spain)

Oceania (New Zealand)

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Associació Catalana d'Empreses de Senderisme Turisme Actiu de Catalunya Compromís de Qualitat Turística Associació Catalana d'Agències de viatges especialitzades Natura i Turisme Actiu _ Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona
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