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Trescant - Fitxa
Nom Societat
Trescant S.C.P.
Agencia de Viatges
Segon Telèfon
Persona de Contacte
Joaquim Margenat
N.I.F. / C.I.F. / Llicència
Any d'inici de la activitat
Català Castellà Anglès
Som guies de muntanya que acompanyem a les persones que vulguin fer viatges a peu o excursions a la natura, descobrint llocs insòlits i vivint experiències enriquidores i transformadores.
C/ Caponata 15,17. 1º3ª
Codi Postal
E-Mail (Adreça electrònica de contacte)
Pàgina web.
Espanya > Catalunya > Barcelona

Trescant - Presentació

We are licensed mountain guides and we invite you to come along on walks and treks in our country, Catalonia. By traveling on foot you will discover and experience the veritable natural treasures of our land.

We also offer a wide range of mountaineering training at different levels, from beginner to advanced, as we have for several years.

We typically walk in groups with a guide and 4 to 8 people. Smaller groups and private tours can also be arranged.

We’ll transport you to the point of departure and from the end of your trek in one of our own private vehicles. 

What do we do this for?

At Trescant, our mission is to walk along with people willing to get in touch with nature and to travel by foot, discovering unique places and living enriching and transforming experiences

We believe that all people need both social contact and contact with nature. As people, we ourselves are part of nature itself.

At the same time, through our hikes we hope to share the culture, history and traditions of the places we travel together.

We are advancing the scope of the work we started in the last few years by expanding our offerings to include both beginner level and advanced training in mountaineering.

Together, we will share adventures with all those who come to walk or hike in our region. Adventures cannot be programmed, they happen spontaneously! We’ll take care of the logistics and ensure your safety,  never confusing adventure with risk . The rest of the adventure will spring from each of you and from the group …

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