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Ruta del Queso Idiazabal / GR-283 - Fitxa
Ruta del Queso Idiazabal / GR-283
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GR-283 Ruta del Queso Idiazabal
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Ruta Circular con alojamientos por el interior de Gipuzkoa, compuesta por 6 etapas, con una longitud de 95,7 km y que cruza los puntos más emblemáticos del mundo del Queso Idiazabal.
Calle Mayor 37
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Ruta del Queso Idiazabal / GR-283 - Presentació

Recently in March 2014 was just introduced this innovative project that combines within Gipuzkoa sports, nature, gastronomy and culture. The Cheese Route Idiazabal or GR-283, was sponsored by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and approved by the Federation of Mountain Guipuzcoa, but has been through this initiative when it has given it a major tourist and gastronomic content. Browse the most important sites related Idiazabal Cheese: Fair Ordizia, Idiazabal town that gives its name to the PDO Cheese, Shepherd 's Huts Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz, the Eco-museum of grazing or Telleriarte Aranzazu Pastors school, among others.

It is a Circular Route, with a length of 95.7 kilometers, accumulated a drop of 9,777 kilometers and consists of 6 stages: Segura-Mirandaola, Mirandaola-Aranzazu, Aranzazu-Etxegarate, Etxegarate-Lizarrusti, Lizarrusti-Ordizia/Beasain and Ordizia / Beasain-Segura. Crosses three inland regions of Gipuzkoa, Goierri Urola Alto and Alto Deba. The shortest stage is 12 kilometers and the longest about 23.

Taking as a point of welcoming the Interpretation Centre Idiazabal Cheese, offer for € 39 per person managing accommodation and a basic kit: a passport , a map and a technical shirt to take the route, and at the end of the route, as prize, a delicious cheese Idiazabal accompanied by half a bottle of cider. Everyone can design the path their way into the booking section of the website or by calling 943 18 82 03 . In the design process you can choose how many stages (1 to 6) , the accommodations , the regime in the accommodation, where to start and end , the meaning of the Road, the option to purchase insurance for non-federal , the shuttle service to the following personal items or accommodation to perform the route with a guide entitled.

On the website of Route we can find the technical information of the 6 stages and their GPS tracks, tabs accommodations, prices, photo album, conditions and also offers us the opportunity to unburden both sides of the map.

Therefore, it is an adventure that combines sports, nature and culture and the best thing is that everyone can design it in their own way!

More information:
Interpretation Centre Idiazabal cheese . Calle Mayor , 37. 20213 Idiazabal /
+34 943 18 82 03
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